Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spots and flowers

Wasn't too sure what to call this post so decided to use the 2 words that I 1st thought about this week!

Chicken Pox hit our home about a week ago and boy it has been a loooooooooooong week. Keiran doesn't do sicky too well and I have had a bowl full of whinge and wines but thank goodness he is almost over it and his cheeky self is almost back! I don't think he has had a terrible dose but the spots in his hair have given him the most jip. Trying to relieve itchy's in the hair is not an easy task. Oli is yet to show any signs and wondering if he will come down with it at all but who knows these things seem to reer their heads when you least expect it!

So that's the spot and now the flowers... I scrapped again but this time not using SU products! This has got to be my 1st layout in ages that uses my regular stash and it is Webstars too. Along with many I have been too scared to break into my Webstars stash but having spent some time hopping around on line I decided that maybe the Websters August challenge would maybe just help me get my mojo going again. So I delved deep and found some papers( and with a little help from Tracy's stash) I created! It is a complete scraplift oa page by Karola. Don't worry the challenge was to scraplift. So that is what I did. It isn't one of my best but is OK and another one done. I have to say I love the cluster especially that little deer cut from Webster papers but the shape at the top and the stripes do my head in. I almost cut it off and changed it but NOOOOOOO I told myself to stop it. Stop beating yourself up and move on.... so move on I will and you never know I might just get another one done in the next day or so.

The next 2 days sees me back to work so tidy I must. Mount Washington needs seeing to and a healthy yummy something put into the Slow cooker. Oli had cross country yesterday...and so a tired, worn out chap will be coming home after hockey today. I see an early night ahead for ALL the family. Talking of cross country I felt terrible not going to watch but didn't feel up to facing school and taking a child with spots. Right off to it....