Saturday, October 17, 2009

Calf club and A big Dilema!!!!

Life has been busy with school and normal family routines. Oli did so well at calf club and his calf Rainbow was very well behaved. He tried so hard at the leading and he received 2 ribbons for effort and care. I was proud of his efforts and I felt that rainbow was the cutest calf; even if I was a little bias.

I have not long to decide my future with scrapping and Stampin Up!! I have only a week or so to sign the new agreement for Stampin' Up which does not allow me to blog and reference to other craft outlets. This will mean I either have to leave Scrappin' Patch DT or leave Stampin"Up! I want to do neither! I rreally have no idea what to do but it looks like I am going to have to say goodbye to my SU demo role. My new team member is going to be very sad and I know my customers will be too. ARRRGGGHHH this is such a hard and unwanted decision I have to make. It sucks!!!!!

So, anyway; I have been creating this last week although not as much as I would like. My life back as a full-time teacher is really full on! I am working long hours during the week and I am going to go into work today to plan my week. Friday night and last night I fella sleep on the couch at 9pm and so no scrapping occurred. A big bummer coz I was quite looking forward to being creative and doing something purely for me.

Here are some of my latest creations. Enjoy and see ya soon xxLOL

Oh this is a sneak peak of my new page... keep an eye out for the new challenge coming soon over at Scrappin' Patch

This page was made for the Man challenge by Heidi using blue and yellow and I have finally scrapped the photos of my star in your eyes competition layouts. This page was an inspiration page for the multi photo challenge.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Scrappin' Patch

It is Scrappin' Patch's 2nd birthday and they are celebrating! Ther eare a few cool challenges to be involved including a card challenge and scrap your scrapping challenge. So head over there and join in the fun.

I created a card for the card challenge which i am quite pleased with. The Prima journal cards are just perfect for whipping up a quick card.

My fellow scrapper and friend Bev features on my scrapping page. She was sucha sweetie atthe sketch book retreat and made a delicious Baileys Cheesecake. I had requested it some time before but I thought she would not remember but hey she did. So I crowned her Queen of the crop for not only completing the most pages over the weekend but for providing a really special supper. I used the fabulous Karen Foster papers.

I have also managed to finish some other layouts this week including ones I started at the Sketch book retreat. I put them away and got busy with other things but last night I decided to do a bit of clearering up and out! I haven't photo'd them yet and the day is so dreary so you will have to wait for those.

Onto some non scrapping news; on Friday night J and I managed to sneak out for dinner by ourselves which was so nice. I even dressed up for the occasion. Saturday morning was so incredibly quiet but I have to say quite enjoyable. I am not sure Granny and Grandad had a quiet morning and night though!!!

Saturday was our big day out to Mamma Mia and it was fantastic!!!! I haven't been to a musical for some time and it was a great treat. The performers were excellent and company just as good. We found Elloitt Stables and had a yummy lunch although Justin might have wished he could read a little French. He was not impressed when his Brochetta arrived with blue cheese on it!

So I am now off to make more classroom resoures; for those of you who do not know I am going back to the classroom full time. I have been out of mainstream education for a little while and although I am quite nervous I am excited to be teaching new entrants again! I now remember how much work it is but the bank account will be very thankful. We are going to work hard this next year so that we can move on and up to a bigger home.

Anyway I leave you with another layout that I created for the latest shabby chic challenge over at the patch. It is addorned with quite a few Prima products!!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I must post on my blog!!!

This is what I have been saying for the last.....well lets say I have been meaning to for ages but other jobs have got in the way! I have been busy making layouts for Scrappin'Patch and Crafty Sketches, being Mum to a sicky boy, doing SU demos and working. Oh and I am sure 101 other important things too.

After the disaster of my car grinding to a halt and smoking some what I have been feeling a little over whelmed and despondent! I have only been able to see down side of life. I am thankful for my scrapping as it takes me away from the blaaaaah of everyday life.

I also so enjoyed my day out at Aurelia's 5th birthday. I honestly have not laughed out loud so much in quite some time. The pirate was fantastic and entertained the children wonderfully! I mangaed to forget my bottle of wine I was going to treat myself to but hey I didn't need it. We finishe doff the day witha family treat at Wendy's burger joint which was actually really nice. It is not often that all 4 of us sit down together and enjoy each others company. her eis the cake I made for Aurelia's birthday gift! It was so much fun to make and I loved using PINK!!!!!

So here are the pages I have been making and a little sneak peak at one that will be up on SP very soon.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

whole bunch of colours and cuteness

Have you seen the gorgeous new ranges from Sasafras Lass?? It is so yum!!! I love the bright colours and funky 80's look. I am sure I will be doing heaps of pages with those cute monsters but also see some layouts from my teem years with these!!!!

I have just had a wonderful day with my ladies at my crop and the class went down a treat!!!! Here is what we made. Don't you just love the Sweet Nothings Scrappin' Kit. It is such a beautiful combination of colours and makes such pretty pages too. I am nearly finished making a layout for a friend Vicki with the left overs from the class kit. The album used just 1/2 the scrappin' Kit and I have plenty left over to make a page too. I might even be able to make a pretty card by adding a pice of cardstock. Watch this space.

I am so excited to announce that Scrappin'Patch are planning their first retreat in ChristChurch. It is being held the beautiful surroundings of Kaiapoi. I am so hoping that I will be able to go and meet more of my online friends.

I have been busy making so many things for SP and the latest contest is a boyzone one. Here is the page I made with just a touch of paint added. I love the dry brushing technique. The new challenges being set by the girls over at Scrappin' patch are lots of fun. head over there and join in with the comps. You might just win a RAK or win a place as our Hotspot artist.

Friday, July 3, 2009


I finally updated my layout slideshow!!!! I hate doing the computer house keeping jobs but I can now cross another thing off my to do list. The holidays will be full of organising jobs and just hangin' out at home. Not much else to report really.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I am so excited!!!!!!

I have been keeping a little secret but now I can share!

I have been asked to become a member of the full Scrappin' Patch design team. A while back I was asked to be a guest designer but I am so excited to be fully involved with such a fabulous scrapping site.

The shop is super well stocked and the ladies Adrienne and Pauline offer a very prompt and efficient service!!! The forum is full of info and challenges and there are many prizes up for grabs.

I cannot wai tto be able to share with you my current project i am designing for them. Hop on over there and introduce yourself if you haven't already!!!!!

Raspberry give away!

Well Rasberry is having a giveaway and all you have to do is mention it on your blog and comment on their blog over here by the 19th of July to be in to win. awesome stuff on their blog including design team creations by NZ own Louise . This is a great blog to go and visit and of course we all love giveaways!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

birthday celebrations and busy creating

I had a wonderful birthday with thanks to those who helped me celebrate. I was very spoiled by the boys and am now a proud owner of a Pandora bracelet with a present shaped charm bead. My dear friends Tracy and Chantelle also spoilt me rotten with their company and laughter as well as gifts. Thanks so much gals xxLOL Amanda has also helped to stretch out the celebrations and we are out for a girly day tomorrow, to celebrate us both getting a year older(and wiser!!)

I have been busy getting my Next Stampin' Up crop organised and deciding what the class will be. It is going to be a blast of a day so head over to my Stampin' blog for all the details.

I have finally completed a layout for SWV too!! I seta challenge on their cyber crop and here is my take
Not a great photo as it was so dark here today and I took it later than I hoped but it gives you the idea.

I have also been busy making cards; this one was for Justin's birthday and the little tatoo says love (heart) u. Thanks to Lynette for the great card idea.

And some others

Well I had best head off to bed or maybe the scrap room, but it is almost time for the pumpkin to turn so maybe bed would be best.
see ya soon

Saturday, June 20, 2009

oops I did it again!

I know I am hopeless at getting here now adays!! I am so busy what with all my DT work, teaching, Stampin' Up, being mummy and wife. I have been creative these last few weeks but most my pages have been started but not quite finished! I have got a couple of things to show though.
This is the layout I made from the sketch I designed over at Scrappin' Patch. if you would like to join in with the fun then head over there and find the challenge in the forum. It finishes on Friday!! I would love to see some of your takes.

I headed to Windy Welly last Sturday intending to spend just the day but instead of windy it was foggy. I ended up stranded there until Sunday night and having some extra play time with my dearest friend Broni. She made a wonderful hostess and I was privilaged to meet some of her lovely friends too. We spent Saturday at our team meet and achieved a small amount of stampin' but the evening was more successful and I managed to make a good start on the album for kathy and Colin. Head over to my SU blog to take a look. this is the card I made for our swap. I was quite pleased with it in the end for a non card maker.

Oli lost his front tooth this week and had his first fairy visit. He was gifted $2 which was carefully dropped into his Cashin money box. Luckily he doesn't look too gappy as the new tooth was waiting right behind the wobbly one!

It is birthday week for us and justin and I are heading ut on Friday with Amanda to help her celebrate too. A few drinks and a bum wiggle to a band will be much enjoyed!!
Signing out at a very late hour

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

cold winter mornings and bones in the museum

It is is getting much harder to get up in the mornings, not that is normally very easy for the Hicks family. This morning the boys are wrapped up in dressing gowns and slippers . Quite a mission to get on and keep on them I can tell ya! It doesn't help that I have been up late most nights this week blitzing the house and of course scrapping!! I don't know what has got me onto this big clean up but the house is really starting to look organised! Ijust need to keep hinting at Justin that I want my new linen cupboard built and it really will be an orgainsed house. Oh, Ok an organised chaos house!

These are my most recent layouts.This one was for SWV and my cyber crop challenge. I found it quite a challenge to do myself!!! But I love the result! I love this blue say it in swirls Prima bling!
This page I love!! I had a picture of what I wanted in my head but it took a while to get to the final layout. I made it for the DT challenge and boy was it achallenge to get all that bling and PP on it. The rainbow picture was fine as I have a few of those to scrap!
Time flies was designed for SWV but sorry you can not buy the kit as it has already sold out, how cool is that!!! Lastly my whitewithone page using white of course and olive with little birds! I am quite liking this page too.
I have been backwards and forward to the docs this last week with Oli. He has had a terrible cough that has been making him quite unhappy. He was even worried about dying! He asked me to promise that I wouldn't let him die. What a thing for a parent to be asked!!!! My reply had to be thought about for a few seconds and I came to the conclusion that it was a promise I could not keep. So instead I promised, Mummy and Daddy would always look after him and help him to get better. He is too young to die!! Not sure it was the right answer but it seemed to do the trick. After a discussion about putting his bones in the museum, he went to sleep.

In the holidays we went to the local zoo with our friends Tracy and Aurelia. The kids really enjoyed having a bag of feed to give the animals but unfortunately Oli was confronted by a thief of a goose and lost his bag of goodies.

Ok, so must dash off to school, have a great day! xx

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy International Scrap Booking Day

So you have found yourself here with me dizzylizzie!!! Have some fun reading my blog and please do leave me a comment- I love comments, they make me smile. I hope you have lots of fun with the challenge SP have put together.

Scrapping Patch are celebrating International Scrapbooking Day and have a great challenge for you all to do! So......

You are going on a blog hopping expedition!!! You will need to locate seven clues for this competition, and these clues will all need to be included on your layout. Where are the clues... check out each of the DT blogs , SP blog and my blog. Located at the top of each blog you will find a clue which will refer you to a lightbulb or :idea: within that blog post somewhere (most likely the front page somewhere). There you will locate an instruction for your layout. Collect all seven to enable you to complete your challenge. Upload your layout to the folder in the gallery - click on this link to take you there. Just a quick reminder that you will need to become a member of the gallery to upload your take.

You can hop however you like from blog to blog - just make sure you get ALL those clues!!!

First one to upload their layout will win a RAK and all entries go in the draw for a voucher and some new product from Scrappin' Patch.

So let the fun begin....

Your clue from me is Ship Ahoy Matey!! So now go and look for this :idea:

Oh Gosh!!

I am really feeling billy no mates. I have not had any comments on my latest posts and I love getting comments. Sorry if my lack of posting has driven you all away! I have just finished playing Bingo at SWV' s Cyber Crop. I have been blog hopping and added up@scrap's blinkie to my blog. I am planning to do some more challenges and comps to get me excited about scrapping again! The house has had a really big tidyup and make over. furniture moved and skirting board cleaned. So now I am hoping I will find some fresh mojo and get going again!

I am now off to check out who entered a page into my buget and Blitz competition and set Up a Random number. Check in to see if you have won my RAK.

Also duck over to my SU blog and leave me a comment to be in to win a little RAK!! Check out the Stampin" UP paper sale. They have beautiful papers that are double sided and really well priced.

I will leave you with a photo of Keiran indoor rock climbing. There was no way he was going to miss out when he big boys went in the holidays.

I have done a page for whitewith1 but it is not up on the blog until tomo so you will all have to wait.

Oh and here are some cute Easter pics. I love the last one even though it is shaky and out of focus!!

cyber crop tonight!!

Come on everyone, come and join in on the fun. Get some scrapping inspiration and play a fun game of Bingo.

Friday, April 24, 2009

school holiday fun

The school holidays have been full of cleaning and outings. We have manged to organise the playroom a little more and the carpets in the house have had a shampoo. We visited the duck pond and fed them our old stale bread. Oli loves this activity but for Keiran it is a little scary!! He doesn't seem to like ducks.
here are some the pics I took of them playing together. Oli has decided that having his photo taken is not so bad and I managed to get him to pose a little. As for Keiran it is far too boring to stand still for longer than a second.

I don't think I have done any scrapping since my last post. I don't seem to find any time during the day and by 8 o'clock I am so exhausted all I wan to do is slob in front of the box. I have finished my DT Kit for April though but I cannot share this page just yet. Tonight will see me scrapping madly though as I have a few pages that need to be completed by the end of the month.

I have been busy setting up my Stampin' Up business and planning some classes and getting a monthly crop under way. I have now set up a Stampin' blog which looks a little empty at this stage but I hope for it to be full of inspiration and techniques.

Oh I just remembered that I did do this page for Scrappin' Patch. It was made using some of my papers I bought in the 50% off sale and some quite old bits. I made as an inspiration page for the budget to blitz challenge. There is still some time to get a layout finished and loaded into the gallery to be into win a RAK from me. Head over to Scrappin' Patch to see the challenges that are on. Maybe I haven't shown you these pages too!! I made the first page for one of the SWV cyber crop challenges and the last 2 pages were DT challenge entries for the cyber crops. Come and join in at SWV cyber crop on 2nd/3rd May. This month's theme is the colours of the rainbow.
Right I must go and get on with some jobs. xxx