Tuesday, May 12, 2009

cold winter mornings and bones in the museum

It is is getting much harder to get up in the mornings, not that is normally very easy for the Hicks family. This morning the boys are wrapped up in dressing gowns and slippers . Quite a mission to get on and keep on them I can tell ya! It doesn't help that I have been up late most nights this week blitzing the house and of course scrapping!! I don't know what has got me onto this big clean up but the house is really starting to look organised! Ijust need to keep hinting at Justin that I want my new linen cupboard built and it really will be an orgainsed house. Oh, Ok an organised chaos house!

These are my most recent layouts.This one was for SWV and my cyber crop challenge. I found it quite a challenge to do myself!!! But I love the result! I love this blue say it in swirls Prima bling!
This page I love!! I had a picture of what I wanted in my head but it took a while to get to the final layout. I made it for the DT challenge and boy was it achallenge to get all that bling and PP on it. The rainbow picture was fine as I have a few of those to scrap!
Time flies was designed for SWV but sorry you can not buy the kit as it has already sold out, how cool is that!!! Lastly my whitewithone page using white of course and olive with little birds! I am quite liking this page too.
I have been backwards and forward to the docs this last week with Oli. He has had a terrible cough that has been making him quite unhappy. He was even worried about dying! He asked me to promise that I wouldn't let him die. What a thing for a parent to be asked!!!! My reply had to be thought about for a few seconds and I came to the conclusion that it was a promise I could not keep. So instead I promised, Mummy and Daddy would always look after him and help him to get better. He is too young to die!! Not sure it was the right answer but it seemed to do the trick. After a discussion about putting his bones in the museum, he went to sleep.

In the holidays we went to the local zoo with our friends Tracy and Aurelia. The kids really enjoyed having a bag of feed to give the animals but unfortunately Oli was confronted by a thief of a goose and lost his bag of goodies.

Ok, so must dash off to school, have a great day! xx


Trace said...

Cool layouts Liz - love how your rainbow one turned out. That zoo is great - my Godson enjoyed his day out there when we took him...six bags of food later lol!

Vicki said...

He's such a wee cutie and very photogenic. Love the blue layout. My son was worried we would all get the Swine Flu and he's 13!!!

Angela said...

Hi Liz........ had to do a bit of blog hopping to find you.

Love how the rainbow page came out in the end, looks great.

Regarding the whole death thing, I've been through the same thing with my oldest. When he was about 4 we had three of MY grandparents die, and he thought everyone was dying, so it took quite a while to convince him otherwise.

Good luck with everyone and their coughs and colds..

Anonymous said...

WOW DIZZY these are all awesome!!! and the rainbow one is stunning - gee you are so talented!!

Well done on the death question I think you answered it awesomely

Take care and stay warm xox

Sonya said...

Love your pages, as always Liz!! Its really chilly here as well, lots of snow on the hills and I to am finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning!