Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thank goodness I blog

I wasn't going to post, I thought I had given up on this blog and then I reread it.

Just the other day I was sad and really so cross with myself; I had forgotten important dates but thank goodness for my blog I have them saved! I was so sad to think I couldn't remember the date of Toffee's passing and the dates Oli lost his teeth and the time Keiran got chicken pox but here I have them dated and saved! So once again I blog!

I have spent all eve trying to set up a new blog. One to post my ups and downs with weight and my new found love exercise and weight challenges. In a couple of weeks I start the 12 wk body for life challenge with Michelle Bridges and I want to blog it. I want a new place to blog it and I love my new blogs name but it isn't happening so maybe I should stick with what I know.

I have been reflecting heaps recently and thinking about where I want to be. I know I don't want to be where I was last April and definitely not the size I was. Take a look!!!!! Not happy chic! I couldnt believe it actually and only now thaat I am 20kg lighter than in this pic can I look at it and say it is Ok because I will never go there again! I will never look like that and I will never let my mind be in that place. So my new blog is going to be called Those were yesterdays feelings. When I feel like I have failed I will remember to move on and let that be yesterday! Toady is today.

So here I am now;in the middle of my journey and looking forward to becoming a trimmer more positive person.

I leave you with a quote from my friends blog. Trina( go read her blog!) writes about friendship and these words hit home. Something I so need to work on and it is my goal!!!!!

"I wish my mother had been able to teach me what it means to have confidence enough in yourself that you could be your own person. Know that some days you just aren't going to please everyone. That sometimes the truth for you isn't going to sit right with another person.
And that is ok! That it doesn't mean you don't have to be friends with that person. That just for the moment, or for the day, or for that conversation, you can agree to disagree.

Agreeing to disagree is one of the wonderful things my Mum did teach me about. I often use it. Or try to. One time it didn't work. And I'm sad about that time. Still years later. But it is so ok to be different, to think differently. And to move on and still be friends.

I will learn to have confidence in myself!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

where does the time go?

I cannot believe that is is November! The sun has finally shown its face and it is feeling like Summer. I was on outside teaching today and so i enjoyed the sun with the children whilst they played in the sand and water tray. We didn't get up to any major exciting activities...I think they just enjoyed being able to ride on the bikes, dig in the sand and climb the boxes without having to duck out of rain showers.

Keiran started morning Kindy today...OMG my boy is getting big! He actually did a full 6 hr session today and was so excited to be doing big boy Kindy. " No mummy you forgot...not this kindy, big boy one!" Gotta love that the kids think they will be starting a new place. But no just the same old but at a different time. When I picked him up this afternoon it took all of 10 mins for him to fall asleep in the car, I think it was a fun day!

On Saturday we went as a family to the local Firework display. We enjoyed home packed hot chips and sausages in bread followed by chocolate. the fireworks were awesome despite the fire truck having to put out a small fire (oops!) I love family nights out and I love to see the expressions on the kids faces as they watch and listen to the rockets. My night photos are not brill but I did catch the moment...
And I have scrapped! It has been ages since I sat and created! I have been planning classes and designing cards but I have not just scrapped. So Sunday I did and I created this. It is on a Stampin' Up Paper called Blueberry Crisp and of course I stamped rather alot as well as used MR big! I am loving cutting my title from the P.P and then mounting on cardstock and cutting out. As usual I have ended up with the story on a hidden journal block...but hey more excuses to stamp!

I really don't feel like going back to work but duties must; so I had best get dinner on and boys sorted so I can head off to staff meeting! xxx

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ramblings and news update!

if this post is a ramble then I apologise! It is because I am tired....


Well for those who don't FB you will have missed that DH took himself off to Middlemore hospital last night with chest pains. They have been happening for a while but seem to be getting worse and this time I think they scared him. Perhaps after all; they are not indigestion. So off he went at 10.30! I was left behind with sleeping kids and sorta freaking... it took me back to the day I heard about Dad passing away. Dad left us behind whilst driving home, a huge heart attack took him!

I started thinking all sorts of awful things but thanks to my wonderful friend in Singapore
( really miss ya Kathy!!!) and Tracy L I calmed me down and then I just had to wait out for info. He arrived safely at the hospital and was hooked up to monitors. This was the last I heard until 7.30am. I didn't sleep all night and managed to shuffle papers here and there.

It is now the afternoon and more tests are being done... now a waiting game once again. I do hope I get to go to the retreat but of course my family will come 1st! I will just have to wait and see....

Friday, September 10, 2010

a decade ago......

...we hopped on a plane and via Mexico and USA we traveled here to our new home. New Zealand. I had no idea what expect, what my in-laws would be like and how I would like it. We met a few friends and life started a new. So to celebrate our 10 yrs I thought I'd share a few pics. Most of the really old ones are pre digital yrs but here are a few to recap.
I am so proud to be an honorary Kiwi and I love my home. Of course I miss my family and friends back in the UK but our lives here although it has had some ups and downs are just as I dreamed!
me in 2000- newly Wed and starting my new position as N
ew entrant Teacher at Valley Schoolthe house we designed and built - it got some of the locals rather curious but we loved it! Our 1st child Toffee cat moved with us from Manurewa and settled in Pukekoheour house soon became a family home when Oli joined us in 2004. Here he is with his coffee group matesIt wasn't long before we decided that things had to change and the house was one. We moved into our new home in 2006. It wasn't quite so new and luxurious but it was home and still is! Our very special friends Kev and Fi were married and although it was a rainy day it was a beautiful one.The kitchen was mouse ridden and not my most favourite of places but luckily my gorgeous talented DH fixed that for me.Becoming part of Glenbrook Kindy opened up a new life once again and we made the most wonderful friends. Keiran arrived in 2007 and made our family 4!
Thomas days are a family favourite time and my boys get to be the 1st to see him arrive. Living right opposite the steamys has to be the best place for boys to live.School days came so very quickly and Oli was so lucky to have his very own calf to look after for Calf Club day! This has to be the most Kiwi event any child participates in! We sure are Kiwis now.Joining Stampin' Up has given me the opportunity to visit Wellington a couple of times a year to stay with my fab upliner and friend. I so glad to have met Broni. Scrapping is a passion and enables me to capture the special moments in our lives.Finally these are my beautiful boys. 2010 has been an emotional rollacoaster of a year so far. Oli was diagnosed to be high functioning Autsitic and I suffered from an overload breakdown. I found it hard to see the beautiful world arround me but I am now on the road to recovery. I am now enjoying exercize again and hope to shed the excess 30+kgs I have gained. I look at this photo of my boys and know that the last 10 yers have been all so worth while!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spots and flowers

Wasn't too sure what to call this post so decided to use the 2 words that I 1st thought about this week!

Chicken Pox hit our home about a week ago and boy it has been a loooooooooooong week. Keiran doesn't do sicky too well and I have had a bowl full of whinge and wines but thank goodness he is almost over it and his cheeky self is almost back! I don't think he has had a terrible dose but the spots in his hair have given him the most jip. Trying to relieve itchy's in the hair is not an easy task. Oli is yet to show any signs and wondering if he will come down with it at all but who knows these things seem to reer their heads when you least expect it!

So that's the spot and now the flowers... I scrapped again but this time not using SU products! This has got to be my 1st layout in ages that uses my regular stash and it is Webstars too. Along with many I have been too scared to break into my Webstars stash but having spent some time hopping around on line I decided that maybe the Websters August challenge would maybe just help me get my mojo going again. So I delved deep and found some papers( and with a little help from Tracy's stash) I created! It is a complete scraplift oa page by Karola. Don't worry the challenge was to scraplift. So that is what I did. It isn't one of my best but is OK and another one done. I have to say I love the cluster especially that little deer cut from Webster papers but the shape at the top and the stripes do my head in. I almost cut it off and changed it but NOOOOOOO I told myself to stop it. Stop beating yourself up and move on.... so move on I will and you never know I might just get another one done in the next day or so.

The next 2 days sees me back to work so tidy I must. Mount Washington needs seeing to and a healthy yummy something put into the Slow cooker. Oli had cross country yesterday...and so a tired, worn out chap will be coming home after hockey today. I see an early night ahead for ALL the family. Talking of cross country I felt terrible not going to watch but didn't feel up to facing school and taking a child with spots. Right off to it....

Monday, July 26, 2010

New creations

Don't fall off your seats now. I know it is pretty rare now a days but I have created. 1stly a card for some wonderful friends. They have been so helpful and shower love our way. This card is a little thank you for all they do for us!
Iam in love with the colours here... The new soft suade is a lovely colour ink and does the shabby/vintage look so well. Baja Breeze is a great all round colour and goes with so many other colours! The stamp set is a hostess set one that I have not had a chance to play with and so I really had to break it open!

As for this page well... it was really a little play around. Having a try at making a lace edged layout but I didnt get the corners quite sussed so as always I just had to keep going and this is what came of it! I love stamping on my background and the SU wheels are perfect for this especially the new Vintage Vogue wheel. With a swipe here and dash there. The spritzer is also a fab tool. Sorta gives that glimmer mist look with out the glimmer. I love it seeing as boy layouts don't always need glimmer!

As for the other stuff in our house... well MUm has had bad news and her house sale fell over. I think she is quite upset and finding the move so stressful. Just wish i could be around to help her!

The kids have coughs. Oli has had a small one for ages now but Keiran has come down with one that is bugging him a little more. This is his second day at home but think it might be back to Kindy tomorrow. Justin had bothte boys yesterday and was a littl emiffed that his quiet day home wasn't so quiet! Welcome to my world Hon!!! When do I ever get to have a quiet sick day!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The hols...

were fun and quiet and peaceful. We didn't do a whole lot but what we did do was a lota fun! The first week saw Oli loose his second front tooth and be Mr gappy. It took us quite a while to get use to his new look but it marks another stage of maturity and reminds me that my little boy just keeps growing up! Slow down Oli I cannot keep up.

We went on a shopping trip which actually was quite fun! The boys were spoilt and got to choose a Lego set each. Oli was very decisive and bought the sea plane he has been after for some while but Keiran picked up a new box every isle and they got bigger each time! Finally we persuaded him to get a toy story set which he now loves! We also bought a plant to add to Toffees grave. The boys enjoyed planting and watering it and saying goodbye to our good old friend. Even Harry came to help.

One of our favourite days was at Mission bay with my good friend Bev and her children. We played and played until we all fell asleep in the car on the way home. Would you believe that the kids even went for a splash in the sea... not just a paddle as we suggested, but a full on run into the sea. Sadly my camera had packed up and I didn't get too many good pictures. Bev did though and I cannot wait to see them.

Rock pooling with Colleen, Jarrod and Reuben was also a big hit and an event I think will happen again! We could not get over how many star fish we saw. Keiran was quite amazing at climbing rocks and the Pohutakawa tree. Maraitai has become one of our fav spots to be. My boys were so taken with their new friends they couldn't wait to meet up with them again so we arranged a swimming date later in the week. I even braved it into togs and hit the water. I have to say it was well worth it. The smiles and laughter from Keiran put such big smiles in my heart!

The rest of the days were quiet ones but we baked and enjoyed just being a family. Check out these doughnuts and cupcakes. YUUUMMMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!