Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ramblings and news update!

if this post is a ramble then I apologise! It is because I am tired....


Well for those who don't FB you will have missed that DH took himself off to Middlemore hospital last night with chest pains. They have been happening for a while but seem to be getting worse and this time I think they scared him. Perhaps after all; they are not indigestion. So off he went at 10.30! I was left behind with sleeping kids and sorta freaking... it took me back to the day I heard about Dad passing away. Dad left us behind whilst driving home, a huge heart attack took him!

I started thinking all sorts of awful things but thanks to my wonderful friend in Singapore
( really miss ya Kathy!!!) and Tracy L I calmed me down and then I just had to wait out for info. He arrived safely at the hospital and was hooked up to monitors. This was the last I heard until 7.30am. I didn't sleep all night and managed to shuffle papers here and there.

It is now the afternoon and more tests are being done... now a waiting game once again. I do hope I get to go to the retreat but of course my family will come 1st! I will just have to wait and see....

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Sonya said...

Hi Liz, hope all is well with your hubby! Sending hugs xx