Friday, September 10, 2010

a decade ago......

...we hopped on a plane and via Mexico and USA we traveled here to our new home. New Zealand. I had no idea what expect, what my in-laws would be like and how I would like it. We met a few friends and life started a new. So to celebrate our 10 yrs I thought I'd share a few pics. Most of the really old ones are pre digital yrs but here are a few to recap.
I am so proud to be an honorary Kiwi and I love my home. Of course I miss my family and friends back in the UK but our lives here although it has had some ups and downs are just as I dreamed!
me in 2000- newly Wed and starting my new position as N
ew entrant Teacher at Valley Schoolthe house we designed and built - it got some of the locals rather curious but we loved it! Our 1st child Toffee cat moved with us from Manurewa and settled in Pukekoheour house soon became a family home when Oli joined us in 2004. Here he is with his coffee group matesIt wasn't long before we decided that things had to change and the house was one. We moved into our new home in 2006. It wasn't quite so new and luxurious but it was home and still is! Our very special friends Kev and Fi were married and although it was a rainy day it was a beautiful one.The kitchen was mouse ridden and not my most favourite of places but luckily my gorgeous talented DH fixed that for me.Becoming part of Glenbrook Kindy opened up a new life once again and we made the most wonderful friends. Keiran arrived in 2007 and made our family 4!
Thomas days are a family favourite time and my boys get to be the 1st to see him arrive. Living right opposite the steamys has to be the best place for boys to live.School days came so very quickly and Oli was so lucky to have his very own calf to look after for Calf Club day! This has to be the most Kiwi event any child participates in! We sure are Kiwis now.Joining Stampin' Up has given me the opportunity to visit Wellington a couple of times a year to stay with my fab upliner and friend. I so glad to have met Broni. Scrapping is a passion and enables me to capture the special moments in our lives.Finally these are my beautiful boys. 2010 has been an emotional rollacoaster of a year so far. Oli was diagnosed to be high functioning Autsitic and I suffered from an overload breakdown. I found it hard to see the beautiful world arround me but I am now on the road to recovery. I am now enjoying exercize again and hope to shed the excess 30+kgs I have gained. I look at this photo of my boys and know that the last 10 yers have been all so worth while!!


Alison said...

What a wonderful journey you have had in nz so far.....and many many years to come. Must be hard to be so far away form family and friends but it looks and sounds like you ave made lots of new friends and some who can relate to your new journey of ASD and new family adventures as well.

Trace said...

Awesome photos Liz, and I learnt a heap about you in just that one post. Boy you were brave shifting down here - that's love for you.