Sunday, December 28, 2008

bakedbeans and sausages at 1am

Out of control, sleep deprived, spoilt rotten and cold defines how the boys and me are feeling. We have arrived at Mum's and Christmas day seems such a long time ago. We had a wonderful family day with Granny and Grandad and Uncle Myles. We feasted on bruchette, crossants, hotcakes and fruit until our puku's were ready to burst. The wrapping paper was pulled off in all directions and then all the boys went out to fly the new aeroplane kite. Unfortunately there was a lack of wind!
Where do I start to retell the very long and hideous flight. Flying across the world is not a pleasant thing to do at any time let alone on your own with 2 boys. It could have been worse though. So here are the high's and low's of the last 3 days( will leave it to you to sort them out)
  • Upgraded to premium economy and sitting in very large comfy seats from Auckland to Sydney.
  • Nearly missing our connection at Sydney and getting hot, flustered and red!
  • Keiran having big loud and horrid night terrors on both long flights.
  • The boys falling asleep just as we landed in Sydney and Seoul
  • Keiran and Oli both falling asleep and staying asleep for 3 hours on the 10 hour flight
  • Not having any children's meals ordered for the 1st 2 flights and curry being the adult meals
  • having a whole row of seats to just us!!
  • Thomas the Tank Engine on the in flight entertainment
  • Boys sleeping through the night til 5am at the hotel in Soeul
  • -2 in Seoul and being very cold
  • eating sausages and beans here in UK at 1am
  • spoilt rotten kids
  • many many toys
  • did I mention being cold
  • did I mention no sleep

Sorry no photos haven't had time to work out how to upload here yet but will have lots to share soon

happy hot summer hols to those back home. miss ya already

Oh on the scrapping front, I managed to get a couple of pages etc.... done before I left and have brought my Emily F mini book over to complete so hopefully I will be able to upload from here and get at least one point. Mum bought me some lovely K and co papers and some other gorgeous bits to add to my stash!! Mmmm looking forward to browsing the UK LSS's

Ok gonna try getting these boys back to their beds and hopefully get some kip myself

night xx

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Now I remember!

I was going to add some of my latest pages. Back in Oct I was invited to be guest designer for SBO. After a couple of hiccups, I received my pizza box and I have finally finished some pages. I love the page "Caught", the Kit colours are stunning and the Crate paper is so easy to work with. "So very lucky" is a more simple page for me but I wanted the photo to be the focus and to reflect how simply stunning NZ is. I have some more pages, using the Oct Kit, to photo and post but will just have to wait for now."The Land of imagination" is my take on Mou Saha style. She is very arty and has an amazing talent at using penwork. I really enjoyed using paint on the page and have realised that I should do it more often. I enjoyed doing the doodles and unusual journalling and will now try to find a way of incorporating it into my L.O's in my own way.
So I think that is it.. but wait did I tell you Oli had a wee accident on Tuesday and ended up in A&E with concussion? A little incident involving a puddle and not very water friendly croc shoes. No lasting damage and the huge egg on the back of his head has now almost gone! Amazing how quickly kids heal.
Keiran is just Keiran, strong willed temper throwing, giggly gorgeous Keiran. What else can I say?
good night, sleep tight and hope the bedbugs don't bite xx

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Xmas Cheer!

Xmas cheer! Indeed. Although I have had a blast at Puni I am rather glad the year is over and I can enjoy some family time. I didn't realise how exhausted I was until today. I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep but hey that is not what a mother gets to do. But anyway a big cheer from me because now I can mooch around for a week and not get out of my PJ's until I want to!!!!

So where do I start with news?? In fact I have so many little stories I am going to list away and share some gorgeous pics of us.
1. I came 2nd in the scrapbox comp and my lovely friend Tracy came 1st but really we see it as 1st equal so what great news!!!!!
2. I came 1st in the scrappin'patch Starts in your Eyes Round 2. Wow wow wow i just can't believe it!!!!! Go and have a look at the gallery Here.
3. Only 8 sleeps til we fly to see my Mum in the UK!!
4. Oli now can swim without any aids and loves to dive into the pool. HE IS A FISH
5. I got Justin a new apple mac for Xmas and boy does this computer rock!!!!

6. I am becoming a stampin' up demonstrator so if you want product come and see me!!!!!!!
7. School has finished!!!!
8. Oli starts school in the new year.
9. The tree is up and most my pressies are wrapped.
10. This is a biggie!!!!!!! I am the most proud mummy out. I didn't realise what it feels to be so very proud and boy is it awonderful feeling. Oliver sung a solo at his Xmas concert. He sung Sanat got stuck up the Chimney. He did such a fab job. Wow I really did not know that my little boy has such confidence and I am so chuffed. He is a little super star.

So I probably have so much more to say but right now I just cannot think of anything else. Oh a big congratulations to TracyL and the other wonderful scrappers who won a place on the Scrappin'patch design team.

Here are just a few pics of the Xmas fun we are having. Check out Oli's plate at his Xmas party . I was amazed to see that out of all the lollies, cakes, chocolate and all the sugary things this was what he chose!

Merry Xmas to you all. Have happy, safe and joyful holidays. I hope to blog while I am away and share some of the fun we have in cold cold England.xxxxxxLol

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I did it!!!!

It's a yahoo night for me. I have finally managed to get my slideshow going and I came 1st in the scrapbox comp!!!!! ( well I actually came 1st equal with TracyL but I am pretty chuffed with myself) Tracy and I are good mates and I think it is so cool that we both share the 1st place together. Our work is quite different and it is great to see that both of us are up there.

It has taken all night to get my slideshow working and I cannot tell you what I did differently. I used the picassa program and this time after many attempts it found my pics, so yey.
On that note it is bedtime.
Will be back to tell you who got picked to get the prize me or Tracy-doesn't really matter now. Did really well and that has made me pleased with myself
night all

Monday, December 1, 2008

how is it done?

does anyone have any idea how to put this slide show in my sidebar not as acomment? I have tried adding a gadget but it just wont find my photos on flikr or photobucket!!! I am lost. i really don't want it there as a comment all big and ugly. So comment away and givew me some help please!!!!!! OK so am off to bed I am shattered what a weekend. What with reports and Justin's work do and girly day out I have had it. So no scrapping til early hours this qweek. I am gonna get sleep. Still have a whitwith1 L.O to do and my SBO guest designer ones so must find some time. Not to mention my scrapping patch comp entry!!! Oh well sleep is far more important. Any new pages can be seen in that big and quite ugly slide show so go have a peek. see yas later xxxxx