Monday, December 1, 2008

how is it done?

does anyone have any idea how to put this slide show in my sidebar not as acomment? I have tried adding a gadget but it just wont find my photos on flikr or photobucket!!! I am lost. i really don't want it there as a comment all big and ugly. So comment away and givew me some help please!!!!!! OK so am off to bed I am shattered what a weekend. What with reports and Justin's work do and girly day out I have had it. So no scrapping til early hours this qweek. I am gonna get sleep. Still have a whitwith1 L.O to do and my SBO guest designer ones so must find some time. Not to mention my scrapping patch comp entry!!! Oh well sleep is far more important. Any new pages can be seen in that big and quite ugly slide show so go have a peek. see yas later xxxxx

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Tracy L said...

OK, so I had a look at my slideshow on my blog and I have added it as a gadget, so I went in to edit, and you need to make sure you select the following when you set it up:

Source: Flickr
Option: User (not keyword)
Username: Your username in Flickr
Tick open links in new window

Have you done all this? If you have and then it still doesn't work, then I don't know...