Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another late night- must get to bed

Here is my bossy scrapper page. I enjoyed giving everyone the instructions and got even more enjoyment seeing how everybody interpreted them. I love this page and I love that Keiran now has a growing album. This page needs some more journaling, so I will have to find a way of tucking it underneath or something!! These photos are of him coming home from hospital. Still a little yellow skinned but nothing compared to his brother. The outfit was sent by my sister in law and I just loved it. It was very hard to put it away when he had grown. ( ah- as I write, I here my say Growwwn just like true Kiwi)

Justin listened to me on the phone tonight and said ahhh where has my English girl gone? You really are a Kiwi now you just used the word stoked!! I think I was talking about being picked for the whitewith1 team. I just can't believe it yet and am so scared of not doing the right thing. I am trying to get my next page done but am worried people will wonder what on earth I'm doing.

Father's day approaches and as it does I can't but help thinking about my dear Dad. Only now as a grown up adult girl do I realise how much in common we had and how much I enjoyed talking to him. I know he would just love the fact that photography has become a big part of my life. One of the biggest memories I have of him, from my childhood is the useage of our bathroom as a dark room. I can't wait to go home and hunt through the loft ( now that's a true English rose word) and find all the old photos so that I can get them reprinted to scrap!!

The Olympic challenge is well on the way and I love my 1st page. I don't think it stands out of the crowd because there are some amazing scrappers out there but as I always say it is a winner because it so makes me smile. I love it- it turned out just as I imagined and I love seeing it along side my other pages. I am stoked ( see there's the kiwi girl) to see all the pages I have completed since June. I have so grown in confidence and have even had an offer to do a bit of scrapbook teaching. Teaching adults would be another new challenge! It was bad enough going from teaching 5 year olds to now being with the 10 year olds!! But I think I would love passing on to others a passion of mine! So here is my new L.O for the challenge. Watch this space for the next one- it must have ribbon and flourishes. Yep right up my street, those of you who know me well, know I can't do a page without ribbon.( not easily anyway)

Monday, August 25, 2008

late nights and a long wet weekend

Just a quick update to let you all know I am now officially an artist. Don't know that I would call myself that but I am now part of the whitewith1 team. Check me out there!! It rained like you have never seen on Sun and we are very wet here. Many people had floods and the paddocks look like lakes all around. ( must get a photo).

Keiran is still coughing and suffering the wet winter but I guess it goes with being 1 and a preschool kid!! Oli is just Oli. Tried to find myself some new boots or shoes but just couldn't spend the money. I know a new thing for me. Just have completely lost that shopping bug ( prob has to do with lack of money).
anyaway off to bed as it is yet another late night xxx

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yippee, yahoo, yay!!!!!!!

What am I jumping up and down about?? I hear you say. I received some really cool, self esteem boosting news this morning but not sure I can share just yet!!! May have to wait until the end of the month!!! Will keep you all posted. I am busy with all my L.O's at the mo and struggling along withthe latest Olympic one. I love circles and as it turned out I have quite a few circle pattern papers but I just can't get my page to sit well. I will keep going and know it will end up just fine!!
Oli had his kindy Olympics today and was soooooo excited about it. He coloured in flags and olympic rings to pin on himself. he was awared a gold medal ( along with all his buddies) and came home so proud. Will take a photo of medal man soon!!
keiran spiked another 38+ temp today and seemed under the weather but is back on track now after a sleep.
I even managed to wash the kitchen floor today and get some washing on so it must be a happening day. Here is a photo of me. Amanda took it aftere i had my hair cut on my birthday. It hasn't been done again yet and is getting quite long ( unusal for me I know). Not sure if I like it long or short but I definately feel quite feminine and it is easy on days I just stick it in a pony tail.

Oli went riding in the holidays and he had a ball. Looks like I am gonna have to save for lessons. I would love for him to be a rider with me.
Gosh Keiran is such a biscuit boy!! I cought this phot when he was demanding one ( happens quite often). My lovely tins have now had to be hidden in the cupboard not that it has stopped him. He now opens the pantry and and tries to climb in!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

soooo busy, don't know where to start

Well I have just signed up for a new competition with www.sketchbooknz.com so will be busy for the next 6 weeks. ( don't forget to visit the gallery to see my L.O's don't think I can put them up on here til the end) My design team entry for whitewith1 is being sent off as we speak. To add to it I am the boss on bossy scrapper with the girls and scrappingbydesign. MMMM think Justin will move out soon, must book a night in with him!!!!

Had a horrible wet weekend with the boys at our throats so took them to noisy old chipmonks yesterday. On the way we went shoe shopping for me and Oli. The only one who came home with shoes was Justin, that's so not right!!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

off to the Uk!!

It is all booked now and me and the little boys are on the plane to see the rellies on December 27th. We are there about 3 weeks so should give us enough time to see some of London, see all the cousins and quite a few of our good friends. Sad to leave Justin behind but I'm sure he is quietly looking forward to 3 weeks peace and quiet. Lol xx

I had a bit of fun being creative and finished a page ready for my White with One entry. Not being too hopeful as there are some very talented people out there but hey it get more pages completed and some memories made. I decided ages ago to make Oli an alphabet book ready for starting school, so I think that is the next thing on my to do list, Feb really is not that far away now. Of course I still have the painting of Oli's room
( with the paint we won from Resene), my ribbon container, and all the other challenges I promised myself I would do. Ahhh well vacuuming can wait. Haa Ha.

The boys have been incredibly at each other today and so I think we are just about ready ( and can't wait ) for bed time. They just could not play anywhere near each other,oh joys. Keiran just wants to play like a big boy and oli is being I'm know it all 4 years old. Good job we love them so.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

some new ones of the boys

Here are some of the more recent photos of the boys and their new adventures

keiran is a little monster, it doesn't matter what the weather, cold, wet, sunny; he always wants to be outside, even when he has the most green, yukky nose!! Here he is telling me he is boss and definately not coming inside.
(not sure why this is underlined oh well)
"Mummy I made a flower" Oli came inside shouting and sure enough a lonely little dafadil was dancing in his bulb garden. he was Oh so proud!

By the way Oli must have moved out and spiderman moved in. Here he is ready for action.

wet and yukky day

It has been a slow start this morning with Oli not wanting to go to kindy, Keiran being Mr tantrum and Mum just plain tired and down in the dumps. Justin and I decided to organise our finances last night (a well over due activity) and boy has it hit home that the current finacial atmosphere has most definately hit our family! Don't get me wrong; I know there are many people out there doing far worse than us and that we are not in dire straights but it makes me so sad that we have worked so hard in life and we still are only able to put basic food on the table, not able to put petrol in the car to take the boys out and about and we have to go without all those small things that make life fun.
Anyway enuf sad old me stuff, I have still got a cupboard full of old (and some new) scrapping supplies so should go and indulge myself. I have a few unfinished pages to do, one I cut pieces because it didn't like it and a couple to do for a blog design team entry ( maybe if I can find any mojo and self confidence).
On a really exciting High note, Amanda and I are going to SENZ( scrapbooking event for those not in the know)and we can't wait. have saved some pennies and doing 2 classes all I have to do now is win Lotto so I can buy some goodies when there. We might get to meet some of the lovely ladies that we have met on line and best of all learn some more creative stuff!!!!!!Lol
Well must go get the boy from Kindy and get the other into his cot for a nigh nighs. never know I might get an hour to do creating!!??

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

well done me

I have finished my scrap competition and came 6th overall out of about 50. Quite proud of me. It has inspired me to do many more pages and to become a little addicted in fact. I now love browsing other scrappers blogs and finding more challenges to be apart of. So here are some of my comp pages and new ones I have done. Will try to add flikr to my page soon!!

getting started, slowly......

Here I am setting up my blog. Not very competent at this but giving it a go. Would just love to have a pretty header and lovely moving sparkly bits but that will just have to come later.

We are still home with the yukky bug and Keiran is very grizzly with it. Oli is suffering from my bruv is getting the attention syndrome and I am just wanting to get all the jobs done but it is not happeneing!!! So here we are in Dizzy's world and yep itis definately dizzy!