Saturday, August 16, 2008

off to the Uk!!

It is all booked now and me and the little boys are on the plane to see the rellies on December 27th. We are there about 3 weeks so should give us enough time to see some of London, see all the cousins and quite a few of our good friends. Sad to leave Justin behind but I'm sure he is quietly looking forward to 3 weeks peace and quiet. Lol xx

I had a bit of fun being creative and finished a page ready for my White with One entry. Not being too hopeful as there are some very talented people out there but hey it get more pages completed and some memories made. I decided ages ago to make Oli an alphabet book ready for starting school, so I think that is the next thing on my to do list, Feb really is not that far away now. Of course I still have the painting of Oli's room
( with the paint we won from Resene), my ribbon container, and all the other challenges I promised myself I would do. Ahhh well vacuuming can wait. Haa Ha.

The boys have been incredibly at each other today and so I think we are just about ready ( and can't wait ) for bed time. They just could not play anywhere near each other,oh joys. Keiran just wants to play like a big boy and oli is being I'm know it all 4 years old. Good job we love them so.

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