Thursday, August 14, 2008

wet and yukky day

It has been a slow start this morning with Oli not wanting to go to kindy, Keiran being Mr tantrum and Mum just plain tired and down in the dumps. Justin and I decided to organise our finances last night (a well over due activity) and boy has it hit home that the current finacial atmosphere has most definately hit our family! Don't get me wrong; I know there are many people out there doing far worse than us and that we are not in dire straights but it makes me so sad that we have worked so hard in life and we still are only able to put basic food on the table, not able to put petrol in the car to take the boys out and about and we have to go without all those small things that make life fun.
Anyway enuf sad old me stuff, I have still got a cupboard full of old (and some new) scrapping supplies so should go and indulge myself. I have a few unfinished pages to do, one I cut pieces because it didn't like it and a couple to do for a blog design team entry ( maybe if I can find any mojo and self confidence).
On a really exciting High note, Amanda and I are going to SENZ( scrapbooking event for those not in the know)and we can't wait. have saved some pennies and doing 2 classes all I have to do now is win Lotto so I can buy some goodies when there. We might get to meet some of the lovely ladies that we have met on line and best of all learn some more creative stuff!!!!!!Lol
Well must go get the boy from Kindy and get the other into his cot for a nigh nighs. never know I might get an hour to do creating!!??

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