Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yippee, yahoo, yay!!!!!!!

What am I jumping up and down about?? I hear you say. I received some really cool, self esteem boosting news this morning but not sure I can share just yet!!! May have to wait until the end of the month!!! Will keep you all posted. I am busy with all my L.O's at the mo and struggling along withthe latest Olympic one. I love circles and as it turned out I have quite a few circle pattern papers but I just can't get my page to sit well. I will keep going and know it will end up just fine!!
Oli had his kindy Olympics today and was soooooo excited about it. He coloured in flags and olympic rings to pin on himself. he was awared a gold medal ( along with all his buddies) and came home so proud. Will take a photo of medal man soon!!
keiran spiked another 38+ temp today and seemed under the weather but is back on track now after a sleep.
I even managed to wash the kitchen floor today and get some washing on so it must be a happening day. Here is a photo of me. Amanda took it aftere i had my hair cut on my birthday. It hasn't been done again yet and is getting quite long ( unusal for me I know). Not sure if I like it long or short but I definately feel quite feminine and it is easy on days I just stick it in a pony tail.

Oli went riding in the holidays and he had a ball. Looks like I am gonna have to save for lessons. I would love for him to be a rider with me.
Gosh Keiran is such a biscuit boy!! I cought this phot when he was demanding one ( happens quite often). My lovely tins have now had to be hidden in the cupboard not that it has stopped him. He now opens the pantry and and tries to climb in!!!!

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