Thursday, August 14, 2008

some new ones of the boys

Here are some of the more recent photos of the boys and their new adventures

keiran is a little monster, it doesn't matter what the weather, cold, wet, sunny; he always wants to be outside, even when he has the most green, yukky nose!! Here he is telling me he is boss and definately not coming inside.
(not sure why this is underlined oh well)
"Mummy I made a flower" Oli came inside shouting and sure enough a lonely little dafadil was dancing in his bulb garden. he was Oh so proud!

By the way Oli must have moved out and spiderman moved in. Here he is ready for action.


Monique said...

Hi Liz, your blog is looking great! love your little nature photography slideshow in the sidebar and your boys are so cute!..look forward to visiting her again! Have a great weekend!

Axel said...

hey Liz, you have done a awsome job with your blog. Oli and Keiren
are just so cute,and huggable.
I loved that LO you did called
"BOYS DREAM" you worked those bright colours so well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz - your blog looks fab..... and you even managed to get your slideshow working on the side bar, i have no idea how to do that:)... great pic of spiderman to,.