Tuesday, August 12, 2008

getting started, slowly......

Here I am setting up my blog. Not very competent at this but giving it a go. Would just love to have a pretty header and lovely moving sparkly bits but that will just have to come later.

We are still home with the yukky bug and Keiran is very grizzly with it. Oli is suffering from my bruv is getting the attention syndrome and I am just wanting to get all the jobs done but it is not happeneing!!! So here we are in Dizzy's world and yep itis definately dizzy!

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Sonya said...

Hi Liz, Your Blog is looking awesome. Dont know where you get the time as your life sounds super busy!
If you are stuck on how to add a header Autumn 08 of Up2scrap tells you how. I had to follow that step by step to do mine! Your boys are gorgeous by the way and so is your scrap booking! Smiles from Sonya