Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thank goodness I blog

I wasn't going to post, I thought I had given up on this blog and then I reread it.

Just the other day I was sad and really so cross with myself; I had forgotten important dates but thank goodness for my blog I have them saved! I was so sad to think I couldn't remember the date of Toffee's passing and the dates Oli lost his teeth and the time Keiran got chicken pox but here I have them dated and saved! So once again I blog!

I have spent all eve trying to set up a new blog. One to post my ups and downs with weight and my new found love exercise and weight challenges. In a couple of weeks I start the 12 wk body for life challenge with Michelle Bridges and I want to blog it. I want a new place to blog it and I love my new blogs name but it isn't happening so maybe I should stick with what I know.

I have been reflecting heaps recently and thinking about where I want to be. I know I don't want to be where I was last April and definitely not the size I was. Take a look!!!!! Not happy chic! I couldnt believe it actually and only now thaat I am 20kg lighter than in this pic can I look at it and say it is Ok because I will never go there again! I will never look like that and I will never let my mind be in that place. So my new blog is going to be called Those were yesterdays feelings. When I feel like I have failed I will remember to move on and let that be yesterday! Toady is today.

So here I am now;in the middle of my journey and looking forward to becoming a trimmer more positive person.

I leave you with a quote from my friends blog. Trina( go read her blog!) writes about friendship and these words hit home. Something I so need to work on and it is my goal!!!!!

"I wish my mother had been able to teach me what it means to have confidence enough in yourself that you could be your own person. Know that some days you just aren't going to please everyone. That sometimes the truth for you isn't going to sit right with another person.
And that is ok! That it doesn't mean you don't have to be friends with that person. That just for the moment, or for the day, or for that conversation, you can agree to disagree.

Agreeing to disagree is one of the wonderful things my Mum did teach me about. I often use it. Or try to. One time it didn't work. And I'm sad about that time. Still years later. But it is so ok to be different, to think differently. And to move on and still be friends.

I will learn to have confidence in myself!!!!!!!!!!!