Sunday, October 31, 2010

where does the time go?

I cannot believe that is is November! The sun has finally shown its face and it is feeling like Summer. I was on outside teaching today and so i enjoyed the sun with the children whilst they played in the sand and water tray. We didn't get up to any major exciting activities...I think they just enjoyed being able to ride on the bikes, dig in the sand and climb the boxes without having to duck out of rain showers.

Keiran started morning Kindy today...OMG my boy is getting big! He actually did a full 6 hr session today and was so excited to be doing big boy Kindy. " No mummy you forgot...not this kindy, big boy one!" Gotta love that the kids think they will be starting a new place. But no just the same old but at a different time. When I picked him up this afternoon it took all of 10 mins for him to fall asleep in the car, I think it was a fun day!

On Saturday we went as a family to the local Firework display. We enjoyed home packed hot chips and sausages in bread followed by chocolate. the fireworks were awesome despite the fire truck having to put out a small fire (oops!) I love family nights out and I love to see the expressions on the kids faces as they watch and listen to the rockets. My night photos are not brill but I did catch the moment...
And I have scrapped! It has been ages since I sat and created! I have been planning classes and designing cards but I have not just scrapped. So Sunday I did and I created this. It is on a Stampin' Up Paper called Blueberry Crisp and of course I stamped rather alot as well as used MR big! I am loving cutting my title from the P.P and then mounting on cardstock and cutting out. As usual I have ended up with the story on a hidden journal block...but hey more excuses to stamp!

I really don't feel like going back to work but duties must; so I had best get dinner on and boys sorted so I can head off to staff meeting! xxx