Monday, July 26, 2010

New creations

Don't fall off your seats now. I know it is pretty rare now a days but I have created. 1stly a card for some wonderful friends. They have been so helpful and shower love our way. This card is a little thank you for all they do for us!
Iam in love with the colours here... The new soft suade is a lovely colour ink and does the shabby/vintage look so well. Baja Breeze is a great all round colour and goes with so many other colours! The stamp set is a hostess set one that I have not had a chance to play with and so I really had to break it open!

As for this page well... it was really a little play around. Having a try at making a lace edged layout but I didnt get the corners quite sussed so as always I just had to keep going and this is what came of it! I love stamping on my background and the SU wheels are perfect for this especially the new Vintage Vogue wheel. With a swipe here and dash there. The spritzer is also a fab tool. Sorta gives that glimmer mist look with out the glimmer. I love it seeing as boy layouts don't always need glimmer!

As for the other stuff in our house... well MUm has had bad news and her house sale fell over. I think she is quite upset and finding the move so stressful. Just wish i could be around to help her!

The kids have coughs. Oli has had a small one for ages now but Keiran has come down with one that is bugging him a little more. This is his second day at home but think it might be back to Kindy tomorrow. Justin had bothte boys yesterday and was a littl emiffed that his quiet day home wasn't so quiet! Welcome to my world Hon!!! When do I ever get to have a quiet sick day!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The hols...

were fun and quiet and peaceful. We didn't do a whole lot but what we did do was a lota fun! The first week saw Oli loose his second front tooth and be Mr gappy. It took us quite a while to get use to his new look but it marks another stage of maturity and reminds me that my little boy just keeps growing up! Slow down Oli I cannot keep up.

We went on a shopping trip which actually was quite fun! The boys were spoilt and got to choose a Lego set each. Oli was very decisive and bought the sea plane he has been after for some while but Keiran picked up a new box every isle and they got bigger each time! Finally we persuaded him to get a toy story set which he now loves! We also bought a plant to add to Toffees grave. The boys enjoyed planting and watering it and saying goodbye to our good old friend. Even Harry came to help.

One of our favourite days was at Mission bay with my good friend Bev and her children. We played and played until we all fell asleep in the car on the way home. Would you believe that the kids even went for a splash in the sea... not just a paddle as we suggested, but a full on run into the sea. Sadly my camera had packed up and I didn't get too many good pictures. Bev did though and I cannot wait to see them.

Rock pooling with Colleen, Jarrod and Reuben was also a big hit and an event I think will happen again! We could not get over how many star fish we saw. Keiran was quite amazing at climbing rocks and the Pohutakawa tree. Maraitai has become one of our fav spots to be. My boys were so taken with their new friends they couldn't wait to meet up with them again so we arranged a swimming date later in the week. I even braved it into togs and hit the water. I have to say it was well worth it. The smiles and laughter from Keiran put such big smiles in my heart!

The rest of the days were quiet ones but we baked and enjoyed just being a family. Check out these doughnuts and cupcakes. YUUUMMMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Good bye old friend

Many a time have we joked about our fat, grumpy old cat. He was a bad tempered boy but very loving with it! He was our 1st baby and I didn't really realise how much he meant to Justin and I.

We will miss his funny ways. It is quite strange with out him tonight. No meowing constantly even though food has been put out. No heavy plop onto our lap to watch a bit of TV. No friendly nips when he has had enough of the stroking.

Oli told me this morning that Toffee was the king of our cats and now Bozo will have to take over the job! How cute.

So... fair well our big boy. I am sure the other boys miss and I know we do. Rest in peace my number 1 son.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

At the moment

I am:
Mimicking: an is rather late and tends to be most nights
Listening: some rubbish on the tv; which I had intended on turning off ready to hit my bed but here I am....otherwise I am loving my Colbie cd's and jason mraz
Eating: well I have eaten home made pizza and popcorn ( it is movie or should I say was movie night!) I am over eating and need to start working it!!!
Drinking: anything and everything...I am enjoying an open bottle of Pino Gris but I have just had a glass of water....mmm water must drink more of that!
Wearing: layers lots of layers and my new glasses!
Reading: nothing but looking forward to being lent a new book
Feeling: Anxious, nervous, excited, tired, sick, creative...... I'm a bag of mixed emotion right now
Wanting: to be completely happy and to be confident
Needing: confidence and to loose weight
Thinking: how am I going to keep my boys entertained this holiday
Enjoying: not crying every 5 mins
Wondering: when I will really feel like the old me again
Scrapping: again!!!! Yay. Enjoying being challenged by only using Stampin' Up

Here are some sneaks of a class I am planning! Lots of techniques in this one! head over to my Stampin Up blog or Facebook page for dates and details. Happy Scrapping....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hat on head and slippers on feet!

I am cold! Not just a winter cold but a shivery don't want to do anything cold! I have made the family hot cuppas topped with throthy milk and shaved white chocy it has warmed my insides but I still feel too cold to find any inspiration!

I have been creating mind you and I am quite pleased to have finished the 1st of a few SU exclusive layouts. I have been wanting to play with the circle cuttter to get this fluffy circle look. I saw my buddy Louise create a gorgeous page with fluffy circles and it reminded me that I was going to do something similar with the SU circle cutter.

The photo of me n Oli was taken in London... we were mucking around and just being silly. We took the pic of ourselves and whilst the title is not mind blowing i know that in time it will remind us of the silly fun we can have together.

I really enjoyed creating the birdhouse. It is made from bits of the On board chipboard from SU. I cut and inked and stamped and I am happy. It doesn't really show but the background is one of the gorgeous Urban Oasis papers with subtle but elegant white flowers.

A week has gone by so very quickly; this time last week we were well on the way to party mode. The girls were starting to arrive, even though I hadn't washed my floors and hair! Oh well I decided... they love me regardless. party we did and at 4 something I pushed Tracy to her mattress and switched off singstar. Bev beat us hands down at the singout but I have to say Tracy won the most effort medal! We had so much fun that the camera stayed warm in its cover and so I have no evidence to show. Actually I think the no hair wash had something to do with the lack of camera.

Tonight is movie night a sorta new family event. We are really enjoying being snuggled on the couch together with PJ's blankets and popcorn! Tonight is Monsters Inc. So I had best go prepare the pizzas and dip and garlic bread.