Friday, July 2, 2010

Hat on head and slippers on feet!

I am cold! Not just a winter cold but a shivery don't want to do anything cold! I have made the family hot cuppas topped with throthy milk and shaved white chocy it has warmed my insides but I still feel too cold to find any inspiration!

I have been creating mind you and I am quite pleased to have finished the 1st of a few SU exclusive layouts. I have been wanting to play with the circle cuttter to get this fluffy circle look. I saw my buddy Louise create a gorgeous page with fluffy circles and it reminded me that I was going to do something similar with the SU circle cutter.

The photo of me n Oli was taken in London... we were mucking around and just being silly. We took the pic of ourselves and whilst the title is not mind blowing i know that in time it will remind us of the silly fun we can have together.

I really enjoyed creating the birdhouse. It is made from bits of the On board chipboard from SU. I cut and inked and stamped and I am happy. It doesn't really show but the background is one of the gorgeous Urban Oasis papers with subtle but elegant white flowers.

A week has gone by so very quickly; this time last week we were well on the way to party mode. The girls were starting to arrive, even though I hadn't washed my floors and hair! Oh well I decided... they love me regardless. party we did and at 4 something I pushed Tracy to her mattress and switched off singstar. Bev beat us hands down at the singout but I have to say Tracy won the most effort medal! We had so much fun that the camera stayed warm in its cover and so I have no evidence to show. Actually I think the no hair wash had something to do with the lack of camera.

Tonight is movie night a sorta new family event. We are really enjoying being snuggled on the couch together with PJ's blankets and popcorn! Tonight is Monsters Inc. So I had best go prepare the pizzas and dip and garlic bread.


Anonymous said...

OMG this is stunning Liz!! Love it to bits!

Anonymous said...

Love that lo of you and your DS. How gorgeous. Love that you are getting all creative again to hun. take care xoxo

Trace said...

Fantastic layout Liz. Hope you were just cold cos of the weather and that you aren't coming down with something. (Maybe the garlic bread would have killed the bugs if you were anyway lol.)

Tracy L said...

Yep, it's bloody cold!! That was a great night, despite my mini-breakdown, lol. That layout is just gorgeous, I love it. And all SU too!! That's great.