Friday, May 28, 2010

back with a bang and thanks to those online

It has been an awful long time since I blogged last!!!! But today I decided to once again, join the world of cyberspace.
This little post on a blog I have enjoyed reading spurred me on!

You know when you feel all alone and unsure- well as a mother I have experienced that feeling so many times. Talking with friends made all the difference. This last week my son Justin injured his ankle hiking down a mountain, a very big mountain. He rarely gets hurt enough to stop and this injury stopped him. As a worried mom I took him in to be checked out the following day and was relieved to hear that no break was seen on the x-rays.

Why share this you wonder, because I tweeted about it and even though I didn't know who was reading the tweets, it just felt better because I knew that whoever did read them would send good vibes my way. Strange as it sounds, I think connecting online keeps us from that all alone feeling.

So thanks to you I coped and did just fine. Speaking of fine, Justin reluctantly agreed to go on our annual Sand Dunes trip and obviously he is glad he went after all. Love that boy almost man.

Well it was the "when you feel all alone and unsure that got me!" As most of you know ( those who have been facebooking know) that 3 weeks ago I was feeling the most alone and unsure that a Mum could feel and S%*&# hit the fan and I started my downward journey. When I was feeling the lowest I wrote something quite silly and out of the blue on facebook. Before I knew it I had people at my side in person and online 24/7. It was then I realised that although I feel alone I am most def not!!!!!

Being online and in blog land connects you with others and sometimes...with others who you really did not know cared.

So after all this.... I just wanted to say thank you to all those who have been around either in person or via this mad cyberspace world!!! Thanks to you I, just like Wendy Smedley have done just fine!!!!!

I am now mending, seeing some positive light and not so lonely! Our new path with ASD will be an informative, soul searching and mostly a strengthening journey. Oli will throw us some awkward detours but I am certain that he will give us joy and smiles with every step he makes. His quirky little nature and unique being make him the gorgeous boy he is and I will never forget that! Even if he does drive me up the wall at times.LOL

Being at home with the boys has slowed down my world and I no longer feel like I am on a merry go round that has had the fast foward button pushed! I now feel more in control and able to dictate how much I can achieve. I no longer have to prove myself, I no longer have to succeed, I no longer have to do it to my best ability. I just have to be MUM!! And a bloody good Mum I will try to be.

As for scrapping well... I no longer have commitments, but I have many friends and I will once again start scrapping just because! I want to say a huuuuuuge big thank you to Pauline and Adrienne for allowing me to be a design team member. It has been a wonderful journey and I have no regrets. It has taught me to love my style because I have a style, that I can do it, and that there are so many loving ladies in the scrapping world! I am now a SP lurker and will continue lurking for a long while. This is a sneak of my last( well for a while anyway) Take out Kits from Scrapping Patch.

It should be on sale very soon.

So I will see ya all around a little more. Keep your eyes open because I might just create something soon.


Trace said...

Hey Lizzie, great to hear that life is on the up and up again.

Sonya said...

Hi Dizzy, I did wonder where you went, kept popping in, but no updates. I will try and find you on facebook.
Life can get you down carn't it, and sometimes it's hard to see the sunshine for the clouds. Lovely to have you back. Hugs from me :-)

Trina said...

Hi Liz! Sorry away at moment. Cake was BEAUTIFUL! A true masterpiece! Would recommend again!