Saturday, October 17, 2009

Calf club and A big Dilema!!!!

Life has been busy with school and normal family routines. Oli did so well at calf club and his calf Rainbow was very well behaved. He tried so hard at the leading and he received 2 ribbons for effort and care. I was proud of his efforts and I felt that rainbow was the cutest calf; even if I was a little bias.

I have not long to decide my future with scrapping and Stampin Up!! I have only a week or so to sign the new agreement for Stampin' Up which does not allow me to blog and reference to other craft outlets. This will mean I either have to leave Scrappin' Patch DT or leave Stampin"Up! I want to do neither! I rreally have no idea what to do but it looks like I am going to have to say goodbye to my SU demo role. My new team member is going to be very sad and I know my customers will be too. ARRRGGGHHH this is such a hard and unwanted decision I have to make. It sucks!!!!!

So, anyway; I have been creating this last week although not as much as I would like. My life back as a full-time teacher is really full on! I am working long hours during the week and I am going to go into work today to plan my week. Friday night and last night I fella sleep on the couch at 9pm and so no scrapping occurred. A big bummer coz I was quite looking forward to being creative and doing something purely for me.

Here are some of my latest creations. Enjoy and see ya soon xxLOL

Oh this is a sneak peak of my new page... keep an eye out for the new challenge coming soon over at Scrappin' Patch

This page was made for the Man challenge by Heidi using blue and yellow and I have finally scrapped the photos of my star in your eyes competition layouts. This page was an inspiration page for the multi photo challenge.


Tracy L said...

All gorgeous layouts that I have been lucky enough to see IRL. And Rainbow is so cute! WTG Oli. Big bummer about SU.

Anonymous said...

I saw this on Delys' blog, and I have to say it's a bit UNFAIR! And why couldn't you have two separate blogs? One for SU and one "personal". Again - unfair...

Yay for Oli - great job!

Trace said...

Yep with you on the no scrapping after work - I'm just too exhausted after teaching all day to find the energy to scrap at night (well most of the time anyway lol!). Tough choice on the SU vs DT's...SU might find that this backfires on them.

Serena Diane Manaena (nee Lawrence) said...

Love the look of your sneak peak. I asked a while back about acetate - I was wondering what kind of weight it was as I would like something quite lightweight - is the warehouse stationary stuff okay compared to where you and Tracy get the 12x12? Have a great Christmas, give my love to Tracy if you see her