Saturday, July 3, 2010

At the moment

I am:
Mimicking: an is rather late and tends to be most nights
Listening: some rubbish on the tv; which I had intended on turning off ready to hit my bed but here I am....otherwise I am loving my Colbie cd's and jason mraz
Eating: well I have eaten home made pizza and popcorn ( it is movie or should I say was movie night!) I am over eating and need to start working it!!!
Drinking: anything and everything...I am enjoying an open bottle of Pino Gris but I have just had a glass of water....mmm water must drink more of that!
Wearing: layers lots of layers and my new glasses!
Reading: nothing but looking forward to being lent a new book
Feeling: Anxious, nervous, excited, tired, sick, creative...... I'm a bag of mixed emotion right now
Wanting: to be completely happy and to be confident
Needing: confidence and to loose weight
Thinking: how am I going to keep my boys entertained this holiday
Enjoying: not crying every 5 mins
Wondering: when I will really feel like the old me again
Scrapping: again!!!! Yay. Enjoying being challenged by only using Stampin' Up

Here are some sneaks of a class I am planning! Lots of techniques in this one! head over to my Stampin Up blog or Facebook page for dates and details. Happy Scrapping....


Trace said...

Wish I lived closer again, then I could come do your classes. That sneak peek looks fab. Don't know if you'll ever feel like your 'old self' - but sooner rather than later I bet you feel like the new Liz - the one bubbling with cofidence, at a weight she's happy with, full of laughter and joy...

Sonya said...

I have one thing to say....YUMMY!!

Tracy L said...

Hey babe, I've seen all your layouts, so nah nah nah! Fabulous... Well, you know that I think you are amazing, taking on all you do even when you are not 100%. Love ya.