Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The hols...

were fun and quiet and peaceful. We didn't do a whole lot but what we did do was a lota fun! The first week saw Oli loose his second front tooth and be Mr gappy. It took us quite a while to get use to his new look but it marks another stage of maturity and reminds me that my little boy just keeps growing up! Slow down Oli I cannot keep up.

We went on a shopping trip which actually was quite fun! The boys were spoilt and got to choose a Lego set each. Oli was very decisive and bought the sea plane he has been after for some while but Keiran picked up a new box every isle and they got bigger each time! Finally we persuaded him to get a toy story set which he now loves! We also bought a plant to add to Toffees grave. The boys enjoyed planting and watering it and saying goodbye to our good old friend. Even Harry came to help.

One of our favourite days was at Mission bay with my good friend Bev and her children. We played and played until we all fell asleep in the car on the way home. Would you believe that the kids even went for a splash in the sea... not just a paddle as we suggested, but a full on run into the sea. Sadly my camera had packed up and I didn't get too many good pictures. Bev did though and I cannot wait to see them.

Rock pooling with Colleen, Jarrod and Reuben was also a big hit and an event I think will happen again! We could not get over how many star fish we saw. Keiran was quite amazing at climbing rocks and the Pohutakawa tree. Maraitai has become one of our fav spots to be. My boys were so taken with their new friends they couldn't wait to meet up with them again so we arranged a swimming date later in the week. I even braved it into togs and hit the water. I have to say it was well worth it. The smiles and laughter from Keiran put such big smiles in my heart!

The rest of the days were quiet ones but we baked and enjoyed just being a family. Check out these doughnuts and cupcakes. YUUUMMMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

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