Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another late night- must get to bed

Here is my bossy scrapper page. I enjoyed giving everyone the instructions and got even more enjoyment seeing how everybody interpreted them. I love this page and I love that Keiran now has a growing album. This page needs some more journaling, so I will have to find a way of tucking it underneath or something!! These photos are of him coming home from hospital. Still a little yellow skinned but nothing compared to his brother. The outfit was sent by my sister in law and I just loved it. It was very hard to put it away when he had grown. ( ah- as I write, I here my say Growwwn just like true Kiwi)

Justin listened to me on the phone tonight and said ahhh where has my English girl gone? You really are a Kiwi now you just used the word stoked!! I think I was talking about being picked for the whitewith1 team. I just can't believe it yet and am so scared of not doing the right thing. I am trying to get my next page done but am worried people will wonder what on earth I'm doing.

Father's day approaches and as it does I can't but help thinking about my dear Dad. Only now as a grown up adult girl do I realise how much in common we had and how much I enjoyed talking to him. I know he would just love the fact that photography has become a big part of my life. One of the biggest memories I have of him, from my childhood is the useage of our bathroom as a dark room. I can't wait to go home and hunt through the loft ( now that's a true English rose word) and find all the old photos so that I can get them reprinted to scrap!!

The Olympic challenge is well on the way and I love my 1st page. I don't think it stands out of the crowd because there are some amazing scrappers out there but as I always say it is a winner because it so makes me smile. I love it- it turned out just as I imagined and I love seeing it along side my other pages. I am stoked ( see there's the kiwi girl) to see all the pages I have completed since June. I have so grown in confidence and have even had an offer to do a bit of scrapbook teaching. Teaching adults would be another new challenge! It was bad enough going from teaching 5 year olds to now being with the 10 year olds!! But I think I would love passing on to others a passion of mine! So here is my new L.O for the challenge. Watch this space for the next one- it must have ribbon and flourishes. Yep right up my street, those of you who know me well, know I can't do a page without ribbon.( not easily anyway)

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