Monday, September 8, 2008

ARGGGH yuk sick and cold!

AGGGHHHH to Winter, I am over the rain, cold and feeling unwell. Decided to go to the doctors for myself for once. Yep the doctor said you are under the weather!! So now I'm on antibiotics and other little round things to swallow which will hopefully rid the bugs. having some days off work to get back on track. The brain is too fuzzy to teach anything. Wen tto a meeting this morning and felt very uncoordinated.
My entry into the scrap Olympics was not one of my best this week. I like it even so and another page is filed into Keiran's album. The sinus problem is making my head very cloudy and unable to be creative. Was only allowed 10 items on this page which set a hard challenge for me!! The colours are terrible as I took the photo late at night but nevermind.

Joined in with the bossy scrapper on Sunday night hoping it might spark some creativity but instead I got cross with my dimensional magic and had little metal stars stuck everywhere!! I revisited my page the next day and fixed it up and it is a little more pleasing now ( 4 photos later and lots of glue remover!!) Most of all I enjoy the banter between the girls. This week we had a very fun and bossy sargeant major who took us on a night boot camp ( hee hee) no wine, cupcakes and drawer inspections this week.

I have decided to concentrate on my 8x8 album during the bossy scrapper eves and that way I might get the UK/france trip intoo an album. I might even do some of the other challenges in this size too! It is a tricky size to da as the photos eithe rfill the page or need too be cut down. But hey am always up for a challenge.

As for the rest of the Hicks';they are all fine. We enjoyed Father's Day together and Oli went to a 5th birthday party. It was quite strange to leave him at a party for the 1st time! It is becoming a little sad seeing his friends move onto school. Oli is starting to miss his friends already. I am still indecisive about which school he will go to. Logic says Puni with me so that I don't have to run around like a blue ass fly but I would like him to go to school with a few of his old friends. Will go and look at Mauku although we are not too sure because it is so very small.

Keiran has started waking in the night again so that adds to my tiredness. he is such a busy boy and his teachers at preschool tell me he is very advanced.mmmmm I think he just wants to be 4 like his brother.

Justin sold his big yellow bike and so we now can pay for the lovely air conditioner we use regularly. He is hoping to find a not so fast track bike to have a little fun on. He is now buying Lotto tickets in hope.......

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Tracy L said...

Oh, Lizzie, hope you are feeling better! I love your page; what a gorgeous photo!