Monday, September 15, 2008

thank you my stalkers

just to start I must say Hi and thanks to those who are stalking me here. I have made some wonderful new friends through scrap booking and have to admit to being computer hooked. I love that I have online mates and share such a cool hobby with lovely ladies out there. I always thought chat rooms, blogs etc... were for people who have nothing better to do. Now I know they are for people who love to chat and find time for being with others- blow the washing if you can chat to friends and have fun!!

This week has been yet another busy one with the normal Hicks routines. I went back to work on Thurs feeling slightly more human. The head is now attached and my throat not so croaky. The kids at school have their production this week so I am having a quiet teaching week. We have lots of end of term jobs to tie up and a class room to decorate and make it look like a working room rather than the furniture dumping room before ERO arrive next week. HELP!!!!

The boys both seem to be coming down with yet another bug. keiran has cheeks like little red apples and poor kid coughed his way through the night. Oli has slept all weekend. Not eaten much and been quite flushed looking. Oh please I really can't take any more days off work.

So here are this weeks pages. I have completed a sketch challenge which was thrown together and I also want to do another which will take a little more thought. The Monet garden pictures have really bugged me as I wanted to make them special but they were hard to scrap. I rather like this page that was this weeks Bossy scrapper. Each Sunday night I am hooked to a chat room. Having fun with fellow scrappers and one being the bossy lady. She gives us our instructions on how to build the page. How we interpret them is up to us. Amazing to see how we all come up with such different L.O's. Thanks Danice for this one!!!

Isn't it great that spring has finally arrived. Look at these gorgeous blooms that have opened up in the garden. Oli found a dandelion clock today and had fun blowing it. I love this time of year in Nz, and have done since the year we arrived here. The warmth of the sun is lovely and the colours around are just stunning. The blue skies still make me stop in my tracks. Somehow we just don't get those back home in England. Oli had fun at a friend's feeding their lamb bubblegum.


Tracy L said...

Lol, I guess I am one of your stalkers! Your Monet's Garden page is really lovely; I saw another Bossy Scrapper layout on someone else's blog (can't remember who) which was also really nice, but very different. Good to see how different 2 layouts with the same instructions can be. Hope the kids get over their illnesses really soon - I have always thought it must be so hard working and being a Mum. See you soon.

Roo said...

Yep I'm a stalker too - such fun mwahahaha.
Cool lo
Love the lambing feeding pic