Tuesday, September 30, 2008

bling bling bling

No not kaiser or any other put on a L.O. but one you put on your finger. Justin decided it was time he put aring on my finger that meant forever( if being married wasn't forever enough). So here it is my beautiful platinum bling that goes so well with the other 2.

Count down to SENZ. Must go buy some PJ's for the party and decide what i am gonna take, I only have 9 days til we go!!!! ahhggg it has just sunk in though that i leave my litle baby( who is really no longer a baby) behind. First time away from me. I know big boy will be fine( oh and Oliver) hee hee. Sure the boys will be triple trouble while I'm having fun in the big smoke.

No Oli/Keiran news just same old same old. No more accidents and touch wood we have zapped the bugs although daylight saving has buggered (am I allowed to write that) up our clocks and boys go to bed far too late at mo.


Danice said...

OHHH it IS pretty! thats so its REALLLLLY noticable at the pub in Wellie that you are NOT available? Very good idea! and I have a SENZ list in the making, I shall share when I finalise it!

dizzy Lizzie said...

hadn't thought of that one Danice your soo right, he has his tabs on me for sure nowxx

scrapbookingisfun2 said...

Love your ring, congratulations!Dianne

Jenny said...

Hi Liz - nice to "meet" you! That ring is beautiful. Please come and say hello to me on my blog or at Senz (I'll be at SBO)

Sonya said...

Lucky you Liz. Love your ring! Thank you for the comments you left on my blog regarding photo swap,that would have been so cool!Love your LOs you did for SBBD.
Pleased you are all well again,long may that last!

Tracy L said...

Did you get your PJs??? Was great catching up the other day, and I was lucky enough to see the bling in person...just gorgeous!!