Tuesday, October 7, 2008


How exciting whitewith1 have started a embellie swop and this time the colour is teal (my fav colour of all time). I wasn't going to join in because I am so busy with school, kids, guest designer L.O's, money to spend .......but the colour teal just got me. Imagine a whole heap of teal goodies arriving in the post. It will be like Xmas!!! So go check out the blog, follow my link under my blog list and sign up for the swop!!!! My latest L.O for the blog is orange with stamping. I wa salittl eunsure to start with but enjoyed it in the end and love my page. Justin thinks it is a wee bit girly and keeps reminding me that Keiran is a boy but hey it's a baby page and flowers are allowed.

Did I mention guest designer and shopping? Wow what a fun packed month I have had. I was guest designer for scrapbook studio last month. i got some lovely papers and bits from the team. Go check out their gallery for cool inspiration. I did a couple of pages and a card for my dear friend Sarah in Plymouth. It will be on it's way to ya Luv xx Follow the link. I then received a great email to say I was aRAK winner, then another to say I had won $20 voucher from them as I was the Sept sketch winner. So needless to say I will be out shopping and buying myself some lovely new pattern papers. Then to top it all off I just saw on the scrapbookoutletnz forum that I was the lucky winner of the October guest designer!!! Wow yet another yummy package will be arriving for me to drool over and pour my creativeness into.

I funny thing happened today. Well actually a few. I have been brousing and chatting to friends on scrapbookoutlet and decided that I really must upload some L.O's and get logged into the gallery. I failed miserably at this and ended up being put on the naughty chair and banned from the gallery. I just couldn't get it right. Ok so was sorted out by lovely Andrea and I up loaded a few L.O's to show off. When I pressed go, there I popped up right in the middle of the design team files!!!! Well how embarrasing!! Little old dizzy's pages sitting amongst the very clever design team and their lovely pages. I had a few hours of fame and pretending before the computer man fixed it and put me back in my right place amongst all the other members. Oh they must be having a good giggle at me or should I say with me!!! ha ha I was laughing.

Oli has been back to the dentist today and had the all ok with his black tooth. He has been very good at brushing it and it seems to have come back to life and now looks quite white. No lasting damage we think so I am so relieved.

We caught up with our friends Jude, Cheyenne and Kiowa today. Poor Jude has tonsilitis and was not herself but Oli and Cheyenne had a ball together. You'd have thought they hadn't seen each other for months-oh they hadn't!!! Great to see them and hope poor Jude is better soon xx
Must get to bed, am past my 11pm deadline againxx It is now 11.55pm(I know the clock on here is wrong)
Ps. Yep got PJ's, have new jeans to wear so must be ready to go to SENZ only 2 more sleeps how exciting!!!!!!!


Tracy L said...

That page is gorgeous, Liz, will have to pop over to the website to have a closer-up look. I love all the cutouts and the colour is fab. Hope you are having a fantastic time at SENZ, and not thinking about all us sad buggers at home...

Nic said...

new post please lol wanna see your senz post!