Tuesday, October 21, 2008

oh so tired, yep I'm back at work

mMMMM well I always find week 1 back to work after school hols hard and I know it will get better but boy I find this Mummy/teacher thing hard work.

I have reports and testing to sort out this term and it means doing even more work in the eves so I'm not getting much scrapping done and I'm not getting to bed early. Oh except last night!!I even amazed myself and went to bed at 9.30pm because my eyes were not playing the game and kept shutting on me.

I miss scrapping and feel very frustrated at the moment. I really wanted to enter a design team call but had no time to sort out old pages or do some new ones. It closes in 3 days so there is a chance but I think being on a design team might just be too much at the moment. I also wanted to get the bossy scrapper page from last week finished and to do this weeks one let alone the other challenges I have on my list. I am awaiting my guest design team pack from scrapbook outlet, so am very excited.

Keiran has moved to big boy bed which is proving to be harder than with Oli but I expected that!!! he has slept throught the night for the first time in 4 nights so I think he is getting used to it but getting him in it is a mission. He eventually gives in but at about 8.30pm; far too late for my liking.

Oli is back at kindy and enjoying being back with his mates. Some have moved onto school so he is making some new friends. I am so pleased that he has made new friends and even being invited on play dates. He is coping withthe change of routine this term and going to a variety of peoples houses. He is becoming far more able to cope with change and he is far more settled at Kindy. I haven't heard of any melt downs for awhile. YEY!!
I have found some new photos. The ones of Keiran are of him playing trains; as he does all the time now. He got up and built this big long track all by himself. Here are some L.O's I haven't shown you yet. (I don't think anyway) using my guest design team papers.

None of Oli at the moment sorry Mum!! I will sneek in and get a sleeping Keiran in his bed very soon. daddy takes Oli to fathers night at Kindy tomorrow but I'm sur ethey will be far to busy building an aeroplane on the woodwork table to take photos.

Oh, posted off my embellishments for the teal swap on whitewith1 today. Was going to add a sneak peek but forgot and now the posty has them so you will have to keep an eye out on the blog. Mine have been glitzed to the max! Lots of pearlex powder, twinkling H2O's and Kindy Glitz. Had a big play with my cuttlebug too. Love that machine but I think it is not working properly, the dies are not cutting right the way through ARGGGGHHHH.

Anyway Justin is nagging me, it is 10.30pm and I still have school work.
laters xx love n hugs to ya all


Tracy L said...

Sounds like you are a bit stressed!! Gorgeous layouts; love all the doodling on the 'Eyes' one,and the yellow background. Yep, that's pretty late for Kieran to be going to bed, doesn't leave much time for you. Looking forward to Friday!

Michelle said...

Love your layouts liz. I am thinking of putting Robbie in a big bed he doesn't sleep well in his cot.Keiran looks so grown up in those photos I can't beleive how much he's grown.