Sunday, October 26, 2008

out on the tiles

Thank you Tracy for such a fun night on Friday. I had a ball and even got some L.O's on the go!!! My energy levels had dropped but now I'm back and scrappin' hard. We scrapped chatted, chatted some more, laughed, sung and went to bed very very late. It is always great to make new friends. My funniest part of the eve was coming home to find this................

He really is so cute. Looks like we have a sleep walker on our hands. He made no noise and Justin was not aware of his new bed.

Anyway I was the boss tonight on bossy scrapper and completely forgot until 10 mins before it started so my winging teaching skills came into play. We had fun and hopefully the girls will get some sort of L.O that looks half decent. I am loving mine already.

My first SENZ L.O is almost done and have to say I am not sure. Tried something new to me and stuck it down before I could change my mind. I will post soon. right am off to bed.
Love to all xxxxxx


Jenny said...

That is very cute, Liz!

Amanda said...

a so cute to put a picture to the story :)