Thursday, October 16, 2008

must have been too busy

So I up loaded my photos, from the weekend, to the computer and I am so disapointed. They are not so good. I took some very quick ones as we were driving, listening in classes etc.... and they are all fuzzy!!! ooooops. I forgot to take my camera to the PJ party and well the ones of me I just hate. So anyway here are a few of my favs. I just love the one of the beer I had on our last day;siting in the wonderful Wellington sun. Just look at the view through it. I wish I had been more snap happy and I wish I didn't give a stuff about being so over weight.( I might like photos of myself then) But I am!!! I hate being fat but the more down I get the more I eat. Sucks ha! I'm sure many of you can understand this one. I have to say I do enjoy comfort food and right now I eat far too much of it. I am hoping that summer sun will bring me a new lease of life and I will eat salads and walk and exercise far more. I did so well after having keiran and now I just feel disapointment with myself. These amazing trees are some of the fascinating art to be seen in Wellington. I didn't make it too the lovely cupcake shop and I didn't get to see the coastal parts of the city which would have been good but there are many more opportunities i am sure.
SENZ heads back to Auckland next yr so it won't be a weekend away but I will have make sure I book into a few classes etc..... At least a few more of the local girls will be able to go.

Right off to bed as I only have 5 mins before 11pm. I am so tired thank goodness it is the weekend ( for me anyway). Lol TFL xx


Danice said...

ooooh you got some arty shots, i cant do arty, i barely do normal photos! I cant remember if i emailed you the PJ crop pics or not, if not, and youre my way, cme visit me and ill suss them out for you, im having a big "clean up" which is going to entail me removing EVERYTHING from my craft room, and only putting the stuff i want back in.. lots of freebies going to be put in the gieveaway box!

Nic said...

well if you are overweight Im a frickin hippo LOL love your pics too!

Tracy L said...

Yep, know EXACTLY how you feel about the weight thing; me too. I hardly ever allow any photos of me, and only if they are on my camera and I can vet them later - and photoshop them, lol!! I'm so glad to hear SENZ will be in Auckland next year, will be looking forward to that one. BTW, looks like your blog is having the same problem as mine now; it didn't update in bloglines your 2 new posts. In fact, I am noticing hardly any blogs are updating in bloglines anymore!!