Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well tonight will be the last time I walk out of the bathroom when the boys are bathing. I know very naughty but just went to do something very quickly and you guessed it! About 2 secs after I left keiran and Oli had a tiff and Keiran ended under the water. No damage done, just a heart flutter for Mum and a big warning!!!!!!!

Really finding it hard to use my guest designer RAK. just want my L.O's to be perfect and so I'm struggling. Quite girly flower paper that I love so maybe it will be used on a me page??!! could almost be used for a me baby photo; who knows, watch this space.

It's Kindy disco tomorrow night and boy are us girls gonna hit the floor and shake our stuff. Probably the last time we can, before the boys tell us we are embarrasing. I had the hair cut trip today and all of us look slightly more respectable. I took a sideways glance in the huuuuge mirror and yep that was the last pineapple fritter I eat ever!!!!! Not sure a small elephant will look good strutting her stuff. Might just have to sneak down the shops and find something to wear.(shhhh don't tell DH)

Ok gonna make a resolution and try to get to bed before 11pm each night. So on that note, goodnight, sweet dreams and catch ya soon.xxLol
Ps. here is my last week L.O for the Olympics. Just love this pic of Oli. Must do a Keiran page next.


Sonya said...

Hi Liz, I love that you are attempting to get to bed before 11pm- me too, only im failing big time!! Wishing you luck with that kit also, I have been all day tring to sort a photo to go with my design team kit for this month, but I really think im over thinking the whole thing!Will try again tomorrow!

Sonya said...

Meant to say that I love your latest pages, lovely!