Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ERO- at last they have gone!!

Well, school will be back to normal tomorrow with ERO gone. They didn't come anywhere near me which was quite strange; but all good in my eyes. I am now onto my last term with them which will be quite sad. I have had an awesome time at Puni but I guess next year will mean being a Mum there; not a teacher.

I have had a the most horrible cough this week and very little sleep. Keiran as usual has something to with that!!! He has 2 ear infections this. Not again I hear you all say. Yep a very sickly household. Hooray for school holidays and lots of rest.

Take a look at Keiran's fat lip. Good one eh? He fell twice hitting it both times and making it grow twice as big. I don't do blood too well and boy did it bleed. Sugar! The best found solution for bleeding mouths. Thanks to a friend who gave me that advice. It tastes good, stops them screaming and seams to stop the bleeding too. Not sur ewhat the dentist would say mind.

Oli has had a great week withthe Kindy disco being a great hit. He danced away the night. The car show was little tiring the next day though.
keiran's talking so much more and the word train makes every little phrase he says. So cute.

I had so much fun meeting some of my online scrapping friends. Didn't achieve much scrapping but had a ball. I laughed and chatted Saturday away.

Ok off now to do dinner and get the family ready for the night xxxx


Danice said...

umm you posted this at 11.16... and you were meant to be in bed by 11!!! that lasted less than a week!
now ero has gone its full scale Senz anticipation!!!

Tracy L said...

Glad you are over the ERO thing; now you can relax! Poor Keiran - not doing too well this week. Gonna send you an email now.