Sunday, December 28, 2008

bakedbeans and sausages at 1am

Out of control, sleep deprived, spoilt rotten and cold defines how the boys and me are feeling. We have arrived at Mum's and Christmas day seems such a long time ago. We had a wonderful family day with Granny and Grandad and Uncle Myles. We feasted on bruchette, crossants, hotcakes and fruit until our puku's were ready to burst. The wrapping paper was pulled off in all directions and then all the boys went out to fly the new aeroplane kite. Unfortunately there was a lack of wind!
Where do I start to retell the very long and hideous flight. Flying across the world is not a pleasant thing to do at any time let alone on your own with 2 boys. It could have been worse though. So here are the high's and low's of the last 3 days( will leave it to you to sort them out)
  • Upgraded to premium economy and sitting in very large comfy seats from Auckland to Sydney.
  • Nearly missing our connection at Sydney and getting hot, flustered and red!
  • Keiran having big loud and horrid night terrors on both long flights.
  • The boys falling asleep just as we landed in Sydney and Seoul
  • Keiran and Oli both falling asleep and staying asleep for 3 hours on the 10 hour flight
  • Not having any children's meals ordered for the 1st 2 flights and curry being the adult meals
  • having a whole row of seats to just us!!
  • Thomas the Tank Engine on the in flight entertainment
  • Boys sleeping through the night til 5am at the hotel in Soeul
  • -2 in Seoul and being very cold
  • eating sausages and beans here in UK at 1am
  • spoilt rotten kids
  • many many toys
  • did I mention being cold
  • did I mention no sleep

Sorry no photos haven't had time to work out how to upload here yet but will have lots to share soon

happy hot summer hols to those back home. miss ya already

Oh on the scrapping front, I managed to get a couple of pages etc.... done before I left and have brought my Emily F mini book over to complete so hopefully I will be able to upload from here and get at least one point. Mum bought me some lovely K and co papers and some other gorgeous bits to add to my stash!! Mmmm looking forward to browsing the UK LSS's

Ok gonna try getting these boys back to their beds and hopefully get some kip myself

night xx


Danice said...

OHHHH yay for you! nice to see youre alive at least!!! will look forward to seeing photos!

Mrs Frizz said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you ...

Baked beans and sausages at 1.00 am ... ewwwwhhhhh ...

lindy said...

Congrats Liz for getting onto the DT at SWV