Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I did it!!!!

It's a yahoo night for me. I have finally managed to get my slideshow going and I came 1st in the scrapbox comp!!!!! ( well I actually came 1st equal with TracyL but I am pretty chuffed with myself) Tracy and I are good mates and I think it is so cool that we both share the 1st place together. Our work is quite different and it is great to see that both of us are up there.

It has taken all night to get my slideshow working and I cannot tell you what I did differently. I used the picassa program and this time after many attempts it found my pics, so yey.
On that note it is bedtime.
Will be back to tell you who got picked to get the prize me or Tracy-doesn't really matter now. Did really well and that has made me pleased with myself
night all


Tracy L said...

Oh, glad you got your slideshow going! Computers, huh! Yeah, we just share the prize anyway. It's so nice that we came first equal!

Sonya said...

Good on you Liz! Pleased all of your hard work paid off!! Well done on winning the comp and getting your slide show going.

Kylie said...

your work is amazing..love it!