Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Xmas Cheer!

Xmas cheer! Indeed. Although I have had a blast at Puni I am rather glad the year is over and I can enjoy some family time. I didn't realise how exhausted I was until today. I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep but hey that is not what a mother gets to do. But anyway a big cheer from me because now I can mooch around for a week and not get out of my PJ's until I want to!!!!

So where do I start with news?? In fact I have so many little stories I am going to list away and share some gorgeous pics of us.
1. I came 2nd in the scrapbox comp and my lovely friend Tracy came 1st but really we see it as 1st equal so what great news!!!!!
2. I came 1st in the scrappin'patch Starts in your Eyes Round 2. Wow wow wow i just can't believe it!!!!! Go and have a look at the gallery Here.
3. Only 8 sleeps til we fly to see my Mum in the UK!!
4. Oli now can swim without any aids and loves to dive into the pool. HE IS A FISH
5. I got Justin a new apple mac for Xmas and boy does this computer rock!!!!

6. I am becoming a stampin' up demonstrator so if you want product come and see me!!!!!!!
7. School has finished!!!!
8. Oli starts school in the new year.
9. The tree is up and most my pressies are wrapped.
10. This is a biggie!!!!!!! I am the most proud mummy out. I didn't realise what it feels to be so very proud and boy is it awonderful feeling. Oliver sung a solo at his Xmas concert. He sung Sanat got stuck up the Chimney. He did such a fab job. Wow I really did not know that my little boy has such confidence and I am so chuffed. He is a little super star.

So I probably have so much more to say but right now I just cannot think of anything else. Oh a big congratulations to TracyL and the other wonderful scrappers who won a place on the Scrappin'patch design team.

Here are just a few pics of the Xmas fun we are having. Check out Oli's plate at his Xmas party . I was amazed to see that out of all the lollies, cakes, chocolate and all the sugary things this was what he chose!

Merry Xmas to you all. Have happy, safe and joyful holidays. I hope to blog while I am away and share some of the fun we have in cold cold England.xxxxxxLol

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Tracy L said...

Awwwww, what a lovely post!! Gorgeous photos of the kids. And I've already said it, but I'll say it again; huge congrats on the S Patch Challenge 2 win - I told you it was a fab page!! Looking forward to tomorrow... a few Chrissy wines...