Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So much to say where do I start?

Ok, I have so much to tell you all I am going to say very little. But what I am going to tell you is that I have found a great site called the It has great backgrounds and lots of other cute things to play with. Thanks to my fellow DT member Jules and her blog here

We are slowly getting our bodies back around to NZ time and I am not feeling quite so like a zomby!!

A big happy birthday goes out to Danice! Sorry I missed it love, I will make up for it I promise.

DH has been very busy around the property and now we have a very lovely freshly painted garage. I just can't wait to see the whole house done. Pics to follow soon!!

I am so incredibly pleased to be home. It helps that the sun is shining bright and I don't have to rush out to work. But truthfully this trip back tot he UK has reinforced how Kiwi I feel and how much I love this country. I missed the countryside, the friends and family here. There is no place like home!!! Of course it was wonderful to be with my relatives and friends in England, if only I could up and lift them here. One day someone will take up my offer to visit and maybe my cousie might even bring his partner over and marry her!! Hee hee ROFL xx Lol Marc

Right on with the job of tidying up Xmas pressies and finding homes for all the new toys

Oh this photo of me was taken by Oli on his new camera. I am really quite liking his composition. Unfortunately the quality of the photos are not great but it is a kids camera after all!!!



Danice said...

Oh goodie you are home! was wondering if you liked the cold and snow too much! bet you made everyone jealous leaving the cold to come home to beautiful summer!

Sonya said...

Welcome home! lovely to have you back Liz!

Andrew said...

We keep watching a prog on BBC "Wanted Down Under" and thinking maybe. But Lydia's family are here. I think we would have to wait til recession is over to afford the move. Who knows what the future holds?

It was great seeing you and will try and get skype working this weekend

Love Andy